To help counter the rise in car theft and protect their unique lifestyle, Insurance Companies have partnered with Tag to offer your customers leading edge technology.

With the installation of Tag, the additional High Theft Risk premium will be removed, and the 20% Anti-Theft discount will be applied. Your customers will also have the added peace of mind knowing their vehicle is better protected against theft.

The Tag theft prevention and tracking system has proven to significantly help in theft deterrence and  vehicle recovery.

Updated Automobile Information

OPCF 20 – Loss of use coverage & repairs


Factors driving the increase in wait times include: Technician staffingnew and used vehicle pricingsupply chain disruptionscollision repair backlogsshortage of vehicle inventory

For Ontario, some customers   have to wait more than four months for repairs.

OPCF 20 – Loss of Use coverage

OPCF 20 is an endorsement you can add to your current policy, meaning it does not come as standard. The OPCF 20 will provide a rental car if yours is in the shop for repairs as a result of collision or vandalism.

Do you have ample coverage that will cover your rental car in case of collision-related car repairs are needed? You can keep your rental until your car repairs are complete, you’re offered a total loss settlement, or until your coverage limit is reached—whichever comes first. Different limits are available for this coverage. However$1,500 is usually a standard amount. You can request higher limits from your broker, if necessary.